prof. PhDr. Jan Holzer, Ph.D.

Academic Researcher at the International Institute of Political Science, professor at the Department of Political Science at the Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University, Brno, vice-chairman of the Czech Society for Political Science and member of the Law and Political Science board of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic.

Author of the books Politický systém Ruska. Hledání státu (The Political System of Russia: In Search of a State, 2001) and Politické strany Ruska. Hledání identity (Political Parties in Russia: The Search for Identity, Brno 2004), co-author of four monographs, such as Postkomunistyczne rezimy niedemokratyczne (Post-Communist Non-Democratic Regimes, 2009, with S. Balík) and Komunismus v České republice (Communism in the Czech Republic, 1999, with P. Fiala, M. Mareš, and P. Pšeja), and author of dozens of essays and articles published both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

His research interests include theory of non-democratic and hybrid regimes, theory of democracy in the context of the developing political regimes of post-communist countries, especially Russia and the post-Soviet republics, political science as an academic discipline, and modern Czech politics.


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