prof. PhDr. Stanislav Balík, Ph.D.

In addition to working at the International Institute of Political Science, Stanislav Balík is the Dean of the Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University.

He graduated in History and Political Science at Masaryk University. He then earned his PhD in Political Science and became associate professor in 2008 and professor in 2018. His research topics include modern Czech politics, local politics and non-democratic regimes. He is the (co)author of several monographs and a number of articles. Some of the most interesting from recent years include: Parlament s lidskou tváří: Biografické aspekty české legislativní politiky (with M. Pink and P. Voda, 2019); Local and more local: Impact of size and organization type of settlement units on candidacy (with P. Voda, P. Svačinová and A. Smolková, Political Geography, 2017); Der tschechische Antiklerikalismus. Quellen, Themen und Gestalt des tschechischen Antiklerikalismus in den Jahren 1848-1938 (with L. Fasora, J. Hanuš and M. Vlha, 2016); Dvacet let komunálních voleb v ČR (with P. Gongala and K. Gregor, 2015); and Undemokratische Regime: Theoretische Verortung und Fallbeispiele (with M. Kubát, 2015).


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